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Publicación de Informe de Gestión en su proyecto Intranet MULTi | 2015.05.25 | ADD
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Implementación Intranet de Teletrabajo
Fecha: 25 de mayo de 2015

In the project´s site you may find all the documents, images and videos, external links and sopportive material (if produced) related to your Project. All this resources are published during the development of the project. Feel totally free to share this link with anyone and everyone who could be interested in this content. This publication will always be available for you to see it, with no time or size restrictions. Use the internal GOOGLE search box inside your MULTi intranet in the upper right side of the screen, to find any former documents that we had developed for your organization in the past. The Intranet site for this project is a private place and will require authorization credentials.