Email, request of hv, contributions and statement of personal goals

ALLAI REQUEST | Now it´s time to share your profile and dreams with your partners

Hello Name and Name.


It´s great that you decided to start your process, and no matter what happens from now on, all of this is already changing your life, is giving you a great deal of networking knowledge, and on top of this, you are already involved in a real entrepreneurial development.

To continue with your personal partnering process, the next step it to send this information:
  1. Updated Curriculum Vitae or resume. Don´t forget to add a great professional profile, which is going to be with your professional profile picture, the first thing that other running partners will see from you, try to make a great first impression.
  2. An smiling and well groomed professional profile picture.
  3. Your contributions statement. This is a basic text where every proposed and committed contribution from your part, must be fully described  and then expressed numerically and finally quantified in money terms, in order to be evaluated and democratically accepted by the other partners.
  4. The final requirement is an statement of your personal goals. What are those benefits that you are expecting to receive from the partnership. Try to be very specific and real. Generic goals usually look nice on paper, but they are hard to figure out and harder to bring to real world money situations. 
  5. Optional Linked In profile.
As soon as you have these documents ready, be so kind to send them right away to the email address you been having contact with. The same apply for any additional questions you may have. 

Good luck and please enjoy inventing our future together.

Truly yours