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ALLAI APPOINTMENT | These are the instructions of your upcoming appointment for the advancing project

Hello Name and Name.

 Date: Tuesday 19th, January 2016
 Time:  19 hrs Gmt-5
 Channel: Skype
 User:  addvissor.colombia
 Phone #: (+57 )300.320.3333
Please have this recommendations in mind:
  1. Please send in response to this email your Skype user and the email account linked to your Skype account. 
  2. The duration of the interview is initially 30 minutes, but it could be a little bit longer, so please have your schedule adjusted to this circumstance.
  3. Due to the nature of the interview, there´s a chance it will not be finished in just one session.
  4. Please have your mobile phone on and with good signal.
  5. Please have online your Whatsapp user.
  6. The connection will be made using chat, video and audio, so please be sure that your internet service is fast enough to hold this services, and also be sure that you have good sound and a proper microphone available near your mouth, and good light in your face. 
  7. The interview will be recorded and everything discussed in it will be considered legally binding as a part of any future agreement or contract that we may reach forward.
  8. The contents of the interview are private matters unless specified otherwise they are for your eyes and ears only.
Please confirm the reception of this email and your acceptance of the terms in it. 
If you have any further question please respond to this email with them.

Truly yours