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New documents and resources recently uploaded in to your organization´s Intranet.
Hello, member of this organization, this is your main INDEX, and you can always get here going to the url: Now, what can you do here?. You can access the everyday use tools from Google Apps, which are: your corporate email account, your user documents, like official letters or documents that others persons shared with you, and a complete general database of the company or your personal corporate database. 
Besides, in the uploads feed section (above) you will find the latest resources available for you. If they belong to your area.
In the final section, TOOLS FOR SPECIFIC AREAS, you can find the resources clasified tematically. Your webmaster will be glad to solve any inquire that you may have. (
Access here to your corporate e-mail account running on the Gmail platform, available in any internet connection, in every mobile device.‎
Google Hangout is the most versatile chat platform available. It allows as many people as you want in the same meeting, you can engage using only text, or send and receive audio, or even connect in video mode, llike in a video conference. You can enter a meeting using any device you have available; mobile, tablet or desktop. Besides, your ID does not depends on your mobile cell number, but on your corporate email account, which gives you all the freedom you need to chose the device you want to use in every occasion.
Learn how to use this tool
Google Contacts will be your primary online personal data base. Here you can add and later easily find any kind of information that you may need, like birthdays, or the current state of an ongoing business deal, besides all the regular standard contact information which is fully integrated with your mobile phone, when the time comes you will use your contacts book to make phone calls or send email messages, let Google do the search for you. Because it is on line, it is always sync, and any device can be fully updated in minutes, when not seconds. You can also add new records from any connected device.‎
In Google Drive you will create and share on line your user documents, like letters, quotations, presentations, invoices, drawings, online forms that take information into tables, business graphics and so on. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is that a document is always on line and several people acn see it and edit it simultaneously, no matter where they are, thay could even be in different countries.
This is the most versatile tool for creating web sites, mobile friendly and easily modifiable by any authorized user. Your sites can be private, public or both. They can have all kind of media resources and you can add as many internal pages as your project needs.
If you are looking for an specific resource, like the official business letterhead of the organization, the general quotation format, the lattest official price´s list, a new product presentation, the instructions for the accounting program, or even better, the home phone number of the accountant, all you need to do is write it down in the upper right box of this page. Google will execute an internal search for the whole site and will deliver results in fractions of seconds. like in the big Internet. What to write? Just any criteria will do, a name, a tool´s name, a date, basically you can search for whatever. If it exist it will show.
In, you can find all the specific and detailled lessons for you to understand how cloud computing can improve your working results and job habits. You can also ask your collaborators and providers to get In there and certificate knowledge or at least a little expertise as a Google Apps for Work final user, which can make your integration with them better and cheaper.
If you are totally new to the Cloud, we strongly recommend that you take the tour to the basics of the Cloud Computing concept HERE
Administrative procedures
Hello administrative fellows, you are about to enter to a private area, so be sure that your user already have signing permissions to the resources connected here.

Commercial procedures
Hello commercial people, you are about to enter to a private area, so be sure that your user already have signing permissions to the resources connected here
Production Procedures
Hello production crew members and/or providers, you are about to enter to a private area, so be sure that your user already have signing permissions to the resources connected here.
For this platform you have several levels or support:
  1. The intro to Cloud Computing Online Seminar
  2. The Google Apps for Work users forum
  3. The MULTi Q&A center
  4. Your internal webmaster
  5. Your external Webmaster
  6. Your commercial pages
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